Specials & Promotions

Bella Bridal Boutique strives to shape each one of our promotions around our customers in order to reach their specific needs in a way that is very tangible. We appreciate and welcome feedback in all areas of our business but feedback in this particular area is crucial. We had been working on ramping up this part of our business and to ultimately, move in a different direction than that of our competitors.

We shaped one particular promotion around specific feedback we received from brides about a promotional package we had been running that included a large number of discounts. We started hearing more and more that not all of the discounts in this package fit each individual bride's needs. It was from this feedback as well as a lot of brainstorming ideas from our marketing team that our most revolutionary promotion was born. We created a promotion that enabled our customers to literally pick the discounts they wanted at the time of purchase. This allowed a bride to choose the discounts that she saw the highest value in according to her wedding needs. How cool is that?? Because we believe our discounts and promotions to be industry leading, they are applicable on a bride’s first visit to our store. Offering the promotions on a bride’s first visit allows us to provide our customers with the best possible discounts that will have the largest impact on their wedding budget. For promotional details, please make an appointment with us!